Saturday, August 25, 2012

Franklin Institute

Earlier this summer Audrey participated in a "Science in the Summer" program through our local library.  It was a 4 day program and this summer the focus was on chemistry (which initially, I thought - Yuck!  Chemistry! but of course I did not say that to HER...)  She was a little reluctant to go at first but ended up having a great time and even better - a friend of hers from church was in her class. 

On the last day of the program, the kids were given a certificate and an opportunity to visit the Franklin Institute on August 25th for free (and siblings were free too.)  So of course my husband the scientist (and myself hearing the word "free") decided it would be great to go!
We also decided it would be a fun adventure to take the train to Philly.  The kids loved it!  And it really didn't cost much more than it would have cost us to PARK if we drove.  And even more - no traffic!
Outside the Franklin Institute.
 I remember being a bit freaked out by this walk-through heart when I came here as a little girl.  But my kids wanted to go through it twice!
 Carter had fun trying out this soccer game.  You try to score goals by shooting at a virtual goalie.
 Audrey tried it too!  
So did Chloe but I didn't get a picture of that!
 If anyone knows Carter, you know that we pretty much had to drag him away from this ball maze.  He would have stayed here all day watching the balls zig-zag around.
And yes, there he is doing his signature arm flapping. :)

There were a ton of other really fun things to do. 
Carter is really into the solar system and planets so he really liked the planetarium show and the space displays.
Audrey really liked all the hands-on exhibits, the heart, and the optical illusion section of the museum.
And Chloe really got into helping make her own well as doing whatever Audrey & Carter were doing. :)
 In front of the Swann Memorial Fountain, across from the Franklin Institute.  (Thank you Wikipedia for providing me with the name of this fountain! haha)
Sharing some giggles on the train ride home.

We ended the day with a stop at a local pizza shop, and everyone fell into bed tired. 
Including the parents. :)

So, school starts Monday, and my kids have already had an educational field trip.
I'd say that is starting the school year off right!  :)

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