Thursday, October 20, 2011

Morning Conversations: Picture Day

 Carter in his dreaded "button shirt"

This morning's conversation ....

Carter:  "... but I don't want to wear a button shirt."  (ie, a shirt with buttons on it.)
Mommy:  "I know, but today is picture day and you need to wear a nicer shirt.  I promise, you won't have to wear a button shirt to school again unless it's concert day.  And you can take it off as soon as you get home."

C. puts on dreaded "button shirt" albeit reluctantly.  A couple minutes later, after also combing hair...

Mommy:  "Carter, see?  You look so handsome!"
C:  "Mommy, don't say that!"
M:  "Okay, you look yucky.  Is that better?"
C:  "Yes!"  :)

And to think that 2 days ago I spent the morning trying to convince Audrey that her outfit really was cute and that no one was going to notice the "dark circles" (?) under her eyes .... oh the differences between boys and girls....

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nateandkatesmom said...

Seriously? dark circles? Oh boy, hear we go!