Monday, October 10, 2011

The difference between the 1st and 3rd kid

Today something funny (and a little disturbing) dawned on me.

When Audrey was little, we would drive around in the car listening to Veggie Tales and all kinds of preschool songs.  At that point I could still stomach listening to Wheels on the Bus and the ABC song ad nauseum.  And Audrey would be sitting behind me happily belting out her songs with hand motions and everything.  It made my heart smile.

Today we were driving around and I noticed something a bit different.  Chloe was behind me singing along with Carter and our neighbor Rebeeca  .... to Firework by Katy Perry; Baby, Baby by Justin Bieber; and Shake It Up by Selena Gomez.  UGH!!!!!!!  I don't even listen to these songs!  Where are they coming from????  And why is my TWO YEAR OLD singing them?  (and my FOUR year old too for that matter....I think I may need to blame the 8 year old...)

Guess I am going to have to break out the preschool stuff in the car again.  Itsy, Bitsy Spider, here I come.

Hope I don't have to pull over to puke!  After 3 kids, am I getting tired of these songs or what?  Maybe Firework isn't so bad after all ... well, okay, never mind. 


ErinOrtlund said...

Heehee. :) I really recommend the Songs for Saplings CDs. Catchy tunes, all about theology, happy Mama and kids.

ErinOrtlund said...

You can hear some clips here. We really like "Who are the Three Persons of God?"