Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tricks and Treats

This was what happened last Saturday:

What kind of trick is this, Mother Nature?
A few inches of snow.  BEFORE HALLOWEEN.

AND we lost power.  Boo.

Let me tell you - I am glad I am not Amish, regardless of how many Christian fiction books I have read about the Amish.  The kids kept asking to watch TV and play computer games, and after a time even Chloe was asking to do things and then saying "No power?"  We passed the time by  playing games, carving our pumpkins, and doing puzzles.  In the evening, we escaped to a local pizza place and then crashed for an hour or so at a friends house ... then returned to an increasingly cold house.  Thank heavens for our fireplace!  Audrey, Chad & I slept down near the fireplace while Carter opted for his own bed (and we just had Chloe sleep in her crib).  By morning it was 57 degrees!  Our power was restored the next morning so we were all very glad to have heat again. Having snow in October was so freaky!  I am so glad it melted within a day or so!

So moving onto the treats....

Check out these 3 cuties.  Couldn't you just eat them with a spoon?

I had a busy Halloween day, running from parade to parade.  It was so much fun!

First up was Carter's preschool parade:
As you can see Spiderman was a popular costume amongst the 4 year old boys :)
Carter refused to wear the mask - he declared that it was "scary" 

Then later it was off to Audrey's parade.  The kids had to dress in costumes that reflected the theme "Go Wild for Books"... so as you can imagine, there were quite a few wild animals represented.
Audrey went with the "wild" bunny costume.  :)

I got to help with her class really did feel like a room full of caged animals!
No really, it was a lot of fun.  I ran the game station ... witch's hat ring toss.

Of course later on was trick or treating.
 The whole gang of kids ready to go...

 Pretty, pretty princess :)

 Chloe with her friend Rebecca.  Chloe quickly got the hang of this trick-or-treating thing. :)

The kids and their loot.

Apparently I need to hide the loot.
The next  morning when I got out of the shower, I found this little peanut sneaking a lollipop from her pumpkin!!

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