Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Party, the Phillies & Surviving the Heat

This past weekend was a scorcher.  Friday, Saturday & Sunday were all well over 100 degree days ... with heat indices up to 115 ....

Of course this was the weekend of Chad's 40th Birthday Party ... and it was OUTSIDE, folks.  After I got used to being coated in sweat, it actually wasn't so  bad.  There was a breeze and we were under a covered pavilion, so it was all okay.  We only had one family not come because of the heat.

It was really fun to have a lot of our friends and some of our family all in one place.  Chad's parents really wanted to be there but his sister just had a baby and that kind of messed up that plan.  In a good way, it messed up that plan, just to clarify!!!

 I put out a few pictures of Chad through the years.
This was about the extent of my decorating, other than a Happy Birthday banner that kept falling down.
I mentioned getting some balloons and Chad said "why do we need balloons?" so I said to myself "forget it."  It was just one more thing to do ... that I didn't have to do after all!
Chad blowing out his candles. 
Surrounded by many eager children just dying to eat some of that big cake!
 Chad wanted to have a wiffle ball game with friends.  That pretty much went by the wayside given the heat.  But then he and some of the guys ended up just hitting the ball and playing frisbee anyhow.  (Once it cooled down to a relaxing 99 degrees....)
I don't know what is going on in this picture but it makes me laugh every time I look at it!
Audrey and some of her friends.
I don't think the heat fazed the kids at. all.
Oh to be a kid again!
Andrew & Jess brought their 3 week old baby to the party in the heat.
In true kid fashion, he seemed oblivious to the fact that it was hot out!
Most of our awesome neighbors were able to make it!
I'm not sure what Brian is doing with Thomas here, but I will vouch for the fact that Thomas is indeed still alive. :)
My Dad helped clean all the frosting off of Chloe. :)
She loves her Pop-pop!
Audrey looks great here and I look like I am melting...

Despite the heat, I think most everyone had a good time.
Okay, maybe not our friend Katie who was 3 days from her due date ... but she still came.  What a friend!

So for Chad's birthday, I got him tickets to see the Phillies (my favorite team) play the Padres (Chad's favorite team)!
Can you believe that after I planned this out in advance and bought the tickets (I thought I was so clever and such a great wife for thinking of this) ... well, then a business acquaintance offered Chad 4 tickets to the very same game?
The only difference is that his tickets were WAY better than the ones I got.  :(
Like, 4th row from the field tickets.
Anyhow, we ended up sitting in the awesome seats and giving away my tickets to a neighbor. 
But the nice thing is that my neighbor got to take his son to his very first Phillies game!  I am so happy about that.  
I told you they  were good seats.
Again, it was EXTREMELY hot.  So hot, they were giving out water & ice for free.  (This from the stadium that charges $5 for a hot dog ).  But about halfway through the game a bunch of clouds rolled in and brought a nice breeze along with them.  It made it much more bearable!
We had a really fun time. 
And woo hoo!  The Phillies won!  (Sorry Chad!)
And just for fun:  This afternoon Audrey & Chloe disappeared into Audrey's room for about 20 minutes.  When they came out this is what Chloe looked like - in full princess attire, complete with makeup and nail polish and a new hairdo. (and of course with her baby in hand)....
I think Chloe is like Audrey's own personal doll baby. :)

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Kaylee said...

So cute! great pictures! Loved the one of you and Audrey. She looks so grown up. And Andrew looks great with a little one on his arm. :) Wish we were there! Rand could have gone for wiffle ball in 100+ degrees...no prob! happy birthday, Chad!!!