Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh. So. Tired.

SOOOOOO many awesome fun things have been going on around here!!!

I have started about a dozen blog posts and then I just can't get it together to finish any of them ....I am too tired.

First we went on vacation.  I know!  I never even put up any pics from our week in Ocean City!!!
So here you go - proof we were there :)

Then next up was 4th of July festivities, which included 2 different celebrations.  Those I did manage to blog about. 

The next weekend our friends the Voges' came for a visit from Illinois.  What is greater than having old friends visit??  I took a lot of pictures, but - yeah, they never made it on the blog either.  I had to recover from all that fun as well. ;)

So here you go - a little proof they were here.

THEN:  (drumroll, please) .... my husband turned 40 on Monday!  Wasn't it just yesterday that we were sweethearts in our 20's???  I wanted to do a whole special blog post about his birthday.... and look at me.  I am so delinquent!
We are having his "big" party next weekend so maybe I'll do a post then.  Or maybe I will still be tired and recovering from that event too.... 

And today my sweet little Chloe Elizabeth turned 2!  We had cupcakes with a few neighbors yesterday and then today my family came over to celebrate.  She has now discovered presents and cake and the birthday song and it was so fun to see her enjoy all these things ....
But guess what?  I am still oh so tired.

Tired .... but happy. :)
My cup runneth over!

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