Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break, Day 2 & 3 + a little something for Grandpa

I don't really mean to blog about our ENTIRE spring break.  But for now  I am having fun taking pictures and writing down our highlights so until I get tired of it, I will continue ... ;)

 On Tuesday we had our friends Katie & Cassidy over.  
The kids spent quite a bit of time pretending they were puppies, complete with painted on puppy faces.
Carter was not interested in playing puppies.  (He has zero interest in dressing up.)   He decided to paint a "masterpiece" instead.
We even let the kids put their plates down and eat lunch on the floor and drink their milk out of bowls.

The rest of the day involved some long naps from 2 out of 3 children.  Hallelujah!
This morning we woke up to more wet weather outside.... what to do, what to do.  I ended up taking the kids to the mall.  (My kids actually love the mall as long as it doesn't involve too much shopping.)  We did a wee bit of shopping but mostly we walked around and got soft pretzels and went to play near the fountain.  

We came home and our friend Lyn came over ... but boo hoo - I didn't take a picture.  She comes over and hangs out with us a lot.  The kids love her!  

While she was here - we used one of our mall purchases to do this:
We painted Chloe's tiny little toenails for the first time. :)

Later in the afternoon, Audrey decided she wanted to do this:
 So ... our friend Kelly worked her magic scissors and now Audrey looks like this:
 4 inches of hair GONE!  
I love it... and just in time for Easter.

And now, this video is just for Grandpa.  Remember when we were on vacation at the shore, and you & Grandma made the kids hot dogs, and you said "I'm having dos (2) hot doggies!"(said with a Spanish flair)... no???  Well, the kids remember ...  and they still think saying "Dos Hot Doggies" is a total hoot.  They can't say that without cracking up.  So last night we were talking about that vacation and Audrey & Carter decided that Chloe needed to learn how to say "Dos Hot Doggies" too.... so here  it is.

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