Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break, Day 1

It is day one of spring break.  Many people use this time to go on vacation.  However, we are not some of those people.... :)  So, it is up to yours truly to make this a fun and exciting time.
Actually, I am just shooting for keeping everyone occupied and from getting on each other's nerves....Honestly, last week I was kind of having a bad attitude about spring break and semi-dreading it.  But I decided that was not going to make it fun for any of us.  Really, what I needed was a PLAN. 

So despite the fact that THIS was calling my name:
I decided to mostly ignore the laundry and do something a bit more fun.

First we headed to the library.
Audrey took out about 5 books (on top of the 3 she brought home from school on Friday).
I asked if she had big plans to do a lot of reading over break.
She just gave me "the look" so I am guessing that the answer there is no. :)
Actually maybe this is another way in which Audrey is like my Mom.  They both love to hoard books!

 During nice weather, a trip to the library usually = a trip to the park across the street.  
It was fun to take all three of them to the park for once!

 As you can see,
 there were smiles all around.
 As you can also see, I was unsuccessful at getting my kids to keep their jackets on. :)

At the park, we ran into some neighbors and we all ended up going out to lunch together.
 We all seven squeezed around this little table.  Ha!

After going home for some rest time, the kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside with their friends.  
Audrey & Carter ended their day with Icee drinks.  Perhaps not my wisest parenting move because the kids were wired after that!  However, the kids were so funny that they were cracking Chad and I up.  And that, I believe, is a great way to end the first day of spring break. :)

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