Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Fun Fall Party with the Neighbors

So ... what makes a fall party "fun"??

A big ol' howdy and hug from your besty :)

Eating and chatting with your friends
(One of my favorite things too!)
And as a sidenote: Have you ever listened to a group of kids talking?
First there was the discussion of whether the Eagles or the Steelers were a better team.
Then a little convo about the Phillies.
Then Morgan says - "Well, enough about this ... who likes SHOES?"
I knew there was a reason I like that girl so much. :)

Sliding with Daddy is always a good time.

Did we mention the food table??? Nuff said.

Decorating pumpkins!

Audrey's finished product

Everyone's finished product!!

Chloe and her not-so-secret admirer Rebecca

Bobbing for apples

Yay! Got one!

Now it's Carter's turn.

And .. he got one too!

Happy kid!

Thanks to the Zinks for hosting us once again!

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