Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple Picking 2010

Yup, if it's October ... it must be apple picking time!

Last year we went to a different place called Varner's and we loved it. Not only is it close by, but it is smaller and not so crowded and "commercial." So ... we went back this year. They have a number of free things to do that are perfect for our young kids.

For example:

Sitting on big ol' tractors and pretending to drive them

Riding little pedal tractors

Hay bale mazes

Checking out pot belly pigs, chickens, ponies, goats, etc.

Prancing among the pumpkins

Splashing in puddles

Riding in little wagons pulled by a tractor
Isn't Chad a good sport on this kiddie ride with Chloe?

And of course, there is the apple picking.
Although that is NOT free.
But you DO get to take home a bunch of delicious apples when you're done!

This year Chloe could actually participate in apple picking.
Although she kept trying to pick rotting apples off the ground and eat them.
She even picked up an apple with about 5 yellow jackets on it and put it up to her mouth to take a bite ... but thankfully no stings!

Enjoying the wagon ride while eating an apple

3 cheers for apples! :)

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melissa said...

so fun! we went pumpkin and apple picking this weekend to. it was perfect!