Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carter's prayer

At dinner the other night, Carter volunteered to pray. This is new for him, and I think preschool is encouraging his confidence to pray. (Hooray for preschool!) Anyhow, it went a little something like this:

"Okay everybody -
Open them, shut them, open them, shut them, give a little clap.
Open them, shut them, open them, shut them, lay them in your lap.

Now this is the serious part. Fold your hands, close your eyes, and bow your heads!

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for today. Thank you for ALL our blessings.
{Insert a minute or two of indecipherable jibber-jabber here.}
And give thanks to the Lord for He is good.
In Jesus' name, Amen."

It was all I could do to not bust out laughing. So sweet and cute and humorous all at once!

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