Tuesday, March 16, 2010

8 months old

Well, well, well. Here we are again. This month has simply flown right by. It's amazing what springlike weather and being healthy (and having healthy kids) does for one's spirits! I am feeling like a new person these days!

News Flash: Chloe-girl is continuing to grow up. (No big surprise, huh?)

Here are a few recent developments. :)

The biggest one is probably that Chloe is definitely on the move these days. She is not crawling on hands and knees yet, but she is pulling herself all over the place like a little army gal. Audrey has taken it upon herself to give her crawling lessons ... which basically involves throwing forbidden items just out of reach and then cheering Chloe on to go get them. So cute to see my girls bonding.

All this crawling around at this age is a bit of uncharted territory for me. Audrey didn't crawl at all until she was 10 months old, and Carter (always marching to the beat of his own drum) never did crawl. He just rolled until he walked! So I am having to be extra vigilant!

Chewing, chewing and more chewing...

Probably because her 4 top teeth were coming through .... all at once.
Needless to say, sleeping has been messed up again. It is starting to get back to normal again now that they have all broken through. Thank goodness!

Having more teeth has made eating puffs a new favorite activity.

One of my favorite things about Chloe getting bigger?

The older 2 kids can really interact with Chloe. I love, love, love seeing the kids having fun together and loving on each other!! (Although now that she is getting around there is a lot more yanking things out of her hands and trying to keep her from chewing on the board game while they are playing!)

Hanging with her big bro.
Sometimes while Chloe is napping, Carter will stop what he is doing and say "Mommy, I have to find Chloe!" He actually misses her.
So far Carter is absolutely so loving toward Chloe. I know the day will come where he punches her in the arm and slams the door to his room in her face. But ... I am hoping that he always looks out for and protects his baby sister.

I also love this picture of all 3 kids in their jammies with their heads together, playing matchboxes.

Here's hoping for many more years of fun together.

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Magda said...

Nice pictures and comments about their daily interactions. Chloe as the third child definitely has the advantage of developing faster than her siblings since she has so many role-models. Great job Amy!