Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update on Miss Chloe

Praise God, Chloe appears to be doing well.

She has no fever. She is aggravated by the presence of her IV line. She is eating and sleeping and pooping like a champ. :) All good signs.

So far none of her "cultures" have come back positive (which is where they take her blood, urine, and spinal fluid samples and put them in a dish and see if bacteria grows). So probably no bacterial infection, which is what they were worried about. They need to give it a full 48 hours before they can say for sure, but they tell me that usually if something is going to grow, it does so in the first 12-24 hours. In any case, she has been receiving IV antibiotics in the event that bacteria is present.

Yesterday was pretty peaceful (albeit boring), although they had to redo her IV line AGAIN. I think she has been stuck about 6 times total in attempts to get a good IV. I guess little bitty veins are hard to find. The IV is now in her foot, which is yucky, but better than the scalp, which is where they would have to go if they couldn't get a vein in her foot! That would have been really freaky. Anyway, apparently Chloe put up quite the fight with the nurses over getting the IV in. The nurse brought her back and said to me - "That girl has bacterial meningitis like I'm tall and thin!" Guess she has far too much spunk to be all that sick.

Last night was kind of tough for me. Chloe was very fussy and had a hard time settling down to sleep. I was exhausted and had a pounding headache, and ironically, I'm sitting in a hospital yet I couldn't get a stinkin' advil to save my life ... until about 9 pm when the angel nurse I had gave me 2 from her personal stash. That nurse was a little gift from heaven. She came in at the start of her shift and asked how I was doing, at which point I said - "not so great" and burst into tears. She was a great help on so many levels. She even brought me ice cream with Hershey's syrup. :)

I am wishing, hoping and praying that we will be going home this evening. Please pray with me that this will be the case and that our lives can return to some semblence of normalcy soon. I am so thankful for everyone's thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. It gives me so much peace to know that so many people are holding us up with their prayers.


girlymama said...

we are still praying, praying, praying -- especially gracie, who remembers when her new baby was in the hospital.

praying for healing for her and peace for your family. and rest for you.

Chris Ann Schultz said...


Thanks for the update. Glad to hear she is spunky. Glad to hear that God met your needs as well, with the nurse. We are still praying for all of you. Everyone to stay healthy and not have any problems or sickness from what Chloe has and that Chloe herself, heals quickly! Hoping and praying you will be home tonight.
You should have seen Chantel's CAT Scan, when she had to lay still for her head. She got one arm free and was really swinging her little figures she was holding and was quite angry that Mommy couldn't be in the room with her, she was 2 yrs. old at the time. I told the doctors she was smart, they just wouldn't listen, so kept checking her brain by ultrasound and CAT scan :-). Hope this makes you smile. Praying!

Karen said...

Much love for you, Chad, Audrey, Carter, and feisty little Chloe. Sounds like you have a spunky one on your hands. May you finally get a good night's sleep in your own bed. We will continue our prayers and hope that normalcy will resume, effective immediately. Lots of love Amy.

nateandkatesmom said...

We'll pray for things to be calm and for everyone to stay healthy. We prayed for Chloe tonight when I did bedtime prayers with Kaitlyn. When we were done, she said. "I bet Nathan made Chloe sick. Remember? He was sick after she was born. Ya-huh...we saw them at the Dr.s office, remember?" LOL
I told her Cloe didn't have hand, foot, and mouth virus. But she still said "But he had a fever and Chloe had a fever!"
I think she really wanted to blame something on Nathan since she was the one being a stinker today!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Amy - I'm so sorry. Such a sweet little girl, so hard to see babies have to go through all that. We're praying for all of you and the word has circulated yesterday AM so that lots of people are praying.

Allison said...

Oh Aim~
What an ordeal...
I just heard from your Mom that you and Chloe are home now. I'm so thankful to hear that. My heart broke reading your blog and hearing all that little Chloe (and her Mama) endured...I figure you guys have filled your hospital visit quota for a dozen years, at least! Maybe in a dozen years someone breaks a toe or something...but THAT'S IT!!!
Love you guys so much.