Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My little speller

On Monday I took the kids to Target so Audrey could pick out a new backpack for kindergarten. (She picked Hello Kitty in case you were wondering, hahaha).

That evening we were sitting at the dinner table, and this is what Carter, my alphabet-obsessed child, yelled out:

"T-A-R-G-E-T spells Target!"

I looked at Chad and said "Wow, I never told him that!"

It just warms this former spelling bee champion's heart, a kid that shares my love of correct spelling...

Or perhaps I am spending a little too much time shopping at the bullseye???

Later, he looked at the gallon of milk and said "P-A-I-D spells milk!"

Guess we still have some work to do :)


Karen said...

Absolutely adorable. (The story and Carter;)

Chris Ann Schultz said...
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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Cute, Chantel was always really good with symbols associating with place names. Sometimes when she reads, she says what she thinks logically comes next, whether it's the next word or not. Wonder where she gets the logical stuff? Huh?

That's interesting, Carter could be the better speller, who knows. My cousins, the one in L.S. classes, was the better speller and my other cousin in advanced classes, the poorer speller. So, it will be interesting to see.

I was lucky, I did well like my dad in school and could spell well. I used to give the spelling tests in 5th grade, since I almost always had a perfect score. My mom was the better speller though, and she didn't do as well in school. So, no correlation between the two.

Hoping Audrey, Carter and Chloe love school and do well, when they get there!

Ellen said...

very cute. Thanks for visiting. Hope is doing some better. We have an appointment today with the Dr.

Emily said...

Hilarious. Getting cuter by the day.