Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hooray for Grandparents!

Our kids are very fortunate to have 4 very special grandparents who love them all to bits ... and who make far too few appearances in this blog. So this post is to highlight them! We are glad that they all have been able to meet Chloe and spend some special time with our family in the past few weeks.

My parents live about 45 minutes away and were able to come and stay with Audrey & Carter while I was in the hospital with Chloe. They helped take care of the kids for 4 days! PHEW! (I think they were ready to go home by the end of the time ... the kids are a lot of fun but I can say - since they are mine, after all - they are also full of energy and can wear you out in no time.) :) Of course, a week later they were calling and asking if they could stop by to visit "us" ... although we know they really were coming to see the kids. Chad and I are now officially chopped liver. :)

Mom-mom with baby Chloe

Pop-pop holding her too.

About a week after Chloe & I came home from the hospital, Grandma & Grandpa came for a visit from Minnesota. Chad's sister Molly had a baby girl, Brooke, about 2 weeks before me, so they were able to spend time with both of their new granddaughters on this visit. I'm glad that Chloe has a little girl cousin to hang with for many years to come!

Audrey & Carter had a ton of fun playing with Grandma & Grandpa, and Chloe enjoyed all the extra arms to sleep in.

Grandma & Chloe

Grandpa with Audrey & Chloe - can Chloe look much more relaxed??

We are glad the kids have such loving grandparents! Thanks for all your help over the past month!


Chris Ann Schultz said...

That's how relaxed Chantel used to look in Ralph's arms when she would nap on him. They napped together, all the time, when she was little. It was the cutest thing. Thanks for the update. I was wondering when the next one would be and how appropriate, to include the Grandparents! Without them, where would any of us be, Not born? :-) Ha,ha!

ErinOrtlund said...

Hurray for grandparents! Isn't it reassuring to know that 4 other people in this world love your kids just as much as you and Chad do?