Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little swimmer

I finally broke down and signed Audrey up for swimming lessons.

I've been putting this off for a while now. Partly because getting swimming lessons around here means joining the YMCA. And despite the fact that the Y is a "non-profit" organization, it is pretty dang pricey to join the Y ... at least for us it is. In fact, I only joined Audrey at this point because that was the cheapest option.

I've also been putting it off till now because I was afraid that Audrey would HATE it. She is my kid who never liked water on her face and I just didn't want her to have a bad experience with lessons, and then have it be an ordeal. I wanted to wait till she was really ready. Well, now that she is 5, she is much better about getting wet, and much more "brave," and she actually WANTED lessons. And I feel like at this point she just needs to learn for safety's sake, if nothing else.

Well. To my delight, she LOVES swimming lessons. In fact, the first day she went, all she talked about (to anyone who would listen) was how she was taking swimming lessons, and they were so fun ... even how she got her own special "credit card" at the Y (also known as an ID card). She spent the next few bath times giving Carter his own "swimming lessons." (He is happy to stick his face in the water and loved her "lessons"...)

I have loved watching her at her class! Every week she gets a little more courageous and tries something a little more difficult. ("Mommy, next week I'm going to jump in only holding on to one of the teacher's hands!") It makes me so proud, because it is all initiated by her. I am not having to push or prod or coerce her into it, she just wants to learn. I'm so glad I waited!

Little ducks in a row :)

Pretty much every picture I took includes this big ole smile on Audrey's face!

Learning to float

Getting ready to jump!

My sweet girl!


nateandkatesmom said...

You'll have a little fish in no time! I can't keep mine out of the water...especially Nathan! I wonder if the Y has a swim team for his age. Since I think that would be a sport he actually likes to do.

girlymama said...

we just did swim lessons for the first time as well. they loved it!! by the end, grace was going underwater. the first few classes, though, she would manage to get through the entire class with her hair being bone dry - even managing to JUMP IN without getting her hair wet! hilarious!!
go audrey!

ErinOrtlund said...

Encouraging post! I have the same reservations about swimming lessons and Kate. We don't have to join the Y but I'm sure lessons aren't cheap. And she is kind of scared of the water, maybe because we just haven't gone swimming a lot. The pool is 20 minutes away in Moose Jaw and lessons tend to be around dinnertime. Ugh. But how great to see Audrey's turn-around! I showed these photos to Kate and hopefully they had an effect. I feel the same as you--if nothing else, it is a huge safety issue.

Do they let you stay near her poolside or are you some distance away?

Karen said...

Go Audrey Go! Now that is a happy little girl. So much for you to be proud of.

The Raudenbush Family said...

I'm in the same boat ( pun intended). I haven't broken down and joined the Y. Evan wouldn't be able to handle swim lessons, but Ash would probably love it. I should think about that....give me a review of the lessons once she's gone through it.