Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Fun

I tried out making my own "video montage" ... I thought it might be an easier way to show a bunch of pictures, rather than posting them all separately. There are pictures on here of our family dyeing Easter eggs and of our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. So hope this turns out okay! Enjoy!


Chris Ann Schultz said...

Cute! thanks for sharing. Our church is doing an egg hunt, with Easter related crafts in the gym and a drama/story, relating to Easter first. Chantel invited her best friend, from school, Sarah and her sister. Her mom and I will be walking around with them, praying for good weather!
Your neighborhood does things like our church does,for the community in general, how cool!

nateandkatesmom said...

Great job Amy! BTW, I have found that it is also much quicker to upload a video to your blog through onetruemedia rather than from the blog page. It takes forever that way, but once you put it into a montage you just copy and paste the link. Great pics!