Monday, November 17, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm....

Today when I was putting on Carter's coat, I noticed a pocket inside for an MP3 player.

For a 2 year old???

By the way - Audrey's coat has one as well ... with special slots for earbuds.

Can't we just let them be little???



Kaylee said...

Ha! Brendan's new jacket for winter has a little pocket on the inside for a cell phone! Get out of town! He's five. I guess he could carry mine around for me since my jacket doesn't have a handy-dandy pocket like that. :)

Chris Ann Schultz said...

I wouldn't even know what that pocket would be for. Chantel keeps saying the word, i-pod. I know she's into computers, she gets technology for 45 min. each week. Not sure she knows what one is. She also knows that certain things are too expensive. Even as an only child, my parents didn't buy expensive items for me when I was little. It's amazing the pressure on parents and kids at such a young age.