Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going, going, GONE!

Yup, it's official ... Audrey's first tooth is gone. Last night she was eating some popcorn and she came running up to me holding her tooth (and bleeding profusely from the mouth) and said "MOM, my tooth fell out!" After that initial excitement wore off, she was a little sad about her tooth being gone. I think since she's one of the first of her friends to lose a tooth, she feels a little self-conscious. But then we put it under the pillow, the tooth fairy came with $1, and it was all good.

Of course we have to make crazy faces.

By the way, this has happened BEFORE the Christmas pictures get taken, which I am actually excited about - what better way to commemorate this significant event in the life of a 5 year old? :)


Chris Ann Schultz said...

Congrats to Audrey!

Karen said...

That is awesome. I told Emma and she can't wait to see Audrey in the morning.

nateandkatesmom said...

She does look cute with her missing tooth!