Saturday, May 19, 2012

What a week!

I was just commenting to my mom that last week after I finished the race, I was surprised  that I felt so normal.  I thought after running those 10 miles, having a friend in town, and having Chad out of town the week before and after the race, that I would just crash.  But I felt pretty good.

This week is a different story though.

I kept wondering why on earth I have been so tired and then I looked back over my pictures this week and now I know why I am exhausted.  So much has been going on this week!

Last Sunday was Mother's Day.  We had my parents and my brother over for a cookout.  It was a beautiful day weather-wise and we all just sat out on the deck and talked and had a fun time hanging out together.
I will be really sad when I don't get presents like "The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mom" for Mother's Day anymore....
 On Monday night we headed to the Phillies the drizzle.  It was Carter & Audrey's first Phillies game and I have to hand it to them... even with the rain, they didn't complain at all!
 We got peanuts (among other food items) and Audrey thought it was so fun that she could throw all the shells on the ground.  We had a ton of fun despite the drizzly weather.
 On Tuesday night our small group had a surprise shower for our friends Chad & Lyn.  They are expecting their first baby boy in a little over a month!
Speaking of baby baby boy graduated from preschool on Thursday!
Here he is getting his diploma with his teacher & the preschool director.
They had cute little graduation caps for the kids to wear but Carter said a big "no" to that.
I didn't care....I was just lucky to get him in that button shirt he is wearing!!
 Before "graduation" the children had a concert, which included a series of hilarious antics by Carter including making huge muscles and playing with his face to the rhythm of the music.  One of the things that I love (and am occasionally frustrated by) about Carter is that he is completely uninhibited and doesn't seem to notice or care about what other people think of him.  He is just himself always, which is very different than me.
Today my mom asked Carter what he would miss most about preschool, and his first answer was "Teacher Mindy"... I am so glad that Carter had her as a teacher this year - she is just such a creative teacher and brings out the best in each child. 

Friday was Carter's school picnic.  This included lots of playing with friends, climbing all over playground equipment, and some fun games organized by the preschool's gym teacher.  I love that she was wearing a Superwoman cape while chasing the kids around in freeze tag!  I am so thankful for such a wonderful preschool that my kids have been blessed to attend.  Chloe will start preschool next fall!  Let me tell you, the day SHE graduates from preschool I will be crying buckets.  I will miss that place so much!
And this is the other reason I'm tired.
This little pipsqueak is into EVERYTHING right now!  
Here she is "washing her hands" (which she does about 2 zillion times a day....)
I wish she would have discovered this fun activity at the beginning of cold and flu season!! ;)

We had a busy day today with the Dogwood Parade, t-ball, a play date and an evening at the fair....but I will post about that later!!
First I need a good night's sleep!! :)

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