Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Fun this week

Phew!  We have had a ton of fun this week!

Last Monday evening we took the kids to Koziar's Christmas Village.  Christmas Village is a cute place about an hour from here that is just .... well, a zillion Christmas lights and displays.  We tried to go last year with my parents but we made the mistake of going on a Saturday evening a few weeks before Christmas.  We got about 4 miles away and there was bumper to bumper cars waiting to get in (and crawling along at a snail's pace).  So we ended up just turning around and coming home .... my mom calls it "The Christmas Village Disaster of 2010" :)

Well, we did not make the same mistake this year.  We went on a week night .... 3 weeks before Christmas ... and got there right after it opened.  It was a great night to go.

 They had a bunch of displays and little decorated windows to look in. 
This is the nativity scene.
But the kids proclaimed that some of the displays were "creepy".
I kind of have to agree ... there were some oversized Raggedy Anns and some scary looking Santas in some of the windows!
 Had to stop for some hot chocolate.  Although Audrey burned her tongue and then wouldn't look at the camera.
 Carter could have spent the whole entire night watching the trains going around.
Definitely his favorite display. 
We kept the kids out a little too late on a school night but it was worth it!

Then on Saturday Audrey, my mom and I went up to NYC to visit American Girl Place!
Boy, was Audrey excited (and was I.) :)
 We took a tour bus up there so all we had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride!
We walked right by Rockefeller Center.
 It was busy at 10 am... but let me tell you - at 5 pm (when we left) this place was an absolute zoo.  You could hardly walk.  It was like a sea of people.  Anyhow...
 The first thing we did was take Rebecca to the doll salon.
 I know, totally obnoxious.
 But it was WAY fun ...
 And I have to say that by the end of the hair styling, her semi-nappy hair was looking MUCH better.
 After the salon we did  a lot of browsing, and then had lunch in the cafe.
Even Rebecca had her own seat.
Audrey with my Mom.
It was a great girl bonding day.
Audrey had saved her birthday money and after completely studying the store (and catalog) top to bottom, she finally bought herself a few goodies.
And Santa just might be bringing a few more goodies too!

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