Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Fun, Part 2

Merry Christmas one and all!
My Carter is not much of an artsy dude.  In fact, most of his coloring and crafts appear to be an attempt to finish ASAP so that he can get on to something that he really wants to do.  But yesterday he sat down and colored this picture with only a little help from his mama.  (I showed him how to draw presents with bows.)   We had  a lot of fun working on it together!

Speaking of Carter .... last week he had his preschool Christmas concert.  He was very excited to go to school that day and sing.  Until he found out that it would involve dressing up.  Which means that I made him wear a sweater and cargo pants.  :)  Anyhow, he quickly moved on to being excited again and sang with great gusto.

 The only problem with being one of the tallest in your class is that you are stuck in the back row where it is hard for Mom & Dad to see you very clearly.  :)
 And here he is "recessing" (his friend Rebecca is in front of him).  It cracks me up that he walks around with his hands in his pockets like an old man.   He is probably smiling real big because he knows that after the concert is the cookie reception! 
 Chad and I went to his company party last weekend.  
Yes, this is one of the few times of the year that I dress up.  I even painted my nails and had time to do an "updo".  We had a great time - now that he has been at his company long enough I actually enjoy going and meeting up with some of his co-workers and their wives/husbands.

 On Tuesday night we hosted our small group's Christmas party.  We had one out-of-town couple and one sick husband so this picture isn't "complete" but these are some of the people that we love the most!
Every year we have a white elephant gift exchange.  Chad (not my Chad, but the one in the back row on the left) is modeling some of his white elephant "gifts"... that rockin' sweater AND the peel-n-stick  mustache!
 Of course, then all the guys wanted to try on the mustaches....
 ....then we girls decided to get in on the fun. 
Yes, we're weird.  It was one of those 'you had to be there' moments. :)

My white elephant "win" was this Noah's Ark latch hook rug.
I'm not a huge fan but Diesel seems to love sitting on it...

Just to add to the fun around here I am now potty-training Chloe. :-/
I didn't really want to start yet but she keeps asking to wear "unduh-pants" so I felt like I should go along with it.  We are about a week in but not  real consistent yet.  Probably because Mommy here is too busy to be very consistent yet....anyhow, I am anxiously awaiting the end of my diaper-changing days!

We are all excited about all the fun still to come - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day... and then a trip to Buffalo NY to see all the cousins!!  The kids are WAAAAY excited.

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