Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thanks for the ideas ... and the prayers

Well, I have officially decided that I am going to whine more often.

On the night I last posted, Carter and Chloe slept through the night! Well, Carter did wake up once around 11:30 pm ... but that was it. And everyone slept until 7:30 am to boot! (Do they do this to make me look silly? If so ... well, I don't care.) But last night, Carter was up 2 times. He woke up at 1 am, and unfortunately I had a lot on my mind ... and didn't go back to sleep until sometime after 3:30 am. So frustrating!

Okay, okay, I'm done complaining for now. But thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for all your ideas and encouragement and empathy. I have a few ideas that don't include benadryl, which has been a tempting option. :)

So I am now going to move on from my sleep disorder to sharing a few fun things that happened last week!

Believe it or not, the school year is beginning to wind down! I really can't believe it. (Although maybe it is because I feel like I have been semi-comatose for the school year! ha! I know, enough about the sleep!!)

Last Thursday, Audrey's kindergarten had their "teddy bear picnic" which includes singing a bunch of teddy bear songs, bringing your favorite teddy to school, watching a silly skit, and inviting your parents for a little "picnic". Very cute.

Getting set to sing!

Audrey's class
You can "bearly" see her (ha) but she's on the top row all the way to the right (next to Pooh Bear)

Last Friday the entire kindergarten center went to the Philadelphia Zoo for the day too!
No pictures for me. This year I just can't go on the field trips :( Hopefully next year.

On Sunday Audrey's Daisy Scout troop went to the Gilbertsville Tea Room for a Mother/Daughter Tea.

Why are sandwiches so cute when cut into little strips? I don't know but they just are!

Hey, check it out! I'm wearing a dress!
For the first time in ... well, since Chad's work holiday party.
And before that? Hmmm....

And one last little tidbit.

My 2 little bike riders. One learning to ride without training wheels (but yelling "HOLD ON!!" the whole time ...) and one learning to ride on 2 wheels (who is doing great but needs to work on that steering!) :)

And the other little cutie of the house? Well, not too many pictures of her lately ... unless you want a picture of her back end as she crawls away from the camera at lightning speed. That girl is into ev-ery-thing these days. Busy, busy, busy. And pulling up on stuff now. Look out world, here she comes. Before I know it, I'll be chasing her down the sidewalk and out of the street! Yikes.

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