Monday, May 17, 2010

10 months old

The months continue to fly by... and our little girl is just 2 months shy of her first birthday already.

So what is she up to these days?

Crawling at lightning speed...

Playing under chairs ...

Climbing up on everything ...

... and sometimes having trouble getting back down again ...

Wrestling with her brother - already!

Seriously, she tries to tackle him!

Playing and exploring ...

... and a little dancing :) well, kind of.

Going to her first Dogwood Parade - an annual event in Phoenixville
(I think she's wondering what on earth those Mummers string band people are wearing ...)

All that parade business is pretty tiring though. Sometimes a girl just needs her nap! :)

Chloe continues to be a very happy and smiley little girl. Fortunately, she is also very laid back and easy to take anywhere. She has also been sleeping through the night for us for a little while now, which is so nice. [Understatement of the year there.]

She loves to play with Carter & Audrey. It is funny to see how she already interacts differently with each of her siblings. She loves to laugh out loud at Audrey's shenanigans; then with Carter she is much more physical and as I said above, tries to tackle him. Carter & Audrey both just love Chloe, and she loves them too. It is a beautiful sight for a mother to behold. :)

We love you Chlo-Chlo!

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patricia said...

Chloe is such the cutie! I especially love the photo where she is trying to figure out what she is looking at... I love that expression! (and the cheeks)! :)