Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas, Part Deux

We are back from our second Christmas celebration! We got home last night at 11 pm. Chad & I have decided that we like driving at night. The kids slept for half the trip, so it really cut down on the "Are we there yet? Can I have a snack? I have to go to the bathroom! Are we there yet?" over and over again. We actually had time to talk uninterrupted for hours straight! Unheard of these days.

We drove up to Buffalo, NY (in a snowstorm!) and spent a few days piled into Chad's sister's house with Chad's family - 8 adults and 8 children (all under the age of 10) under one roof! We had a great time - lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of silly children ... not a lot of sleep. Chloe decided to start rolling over at night, and she doesn't seem to like feeling like a turtle on its back. Anyhow, today I slept in until 9:30 am so it's all good.

Here are some pictures of our adventures... sorry, there are a lot of them!

Day one: Take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. There was a lot of kid energy to burn off!

Day 2 - Skiing. Well, for most of the gang. The little ones stayed home with me & Grandma!

This was Audrey's first time on the slopes. It was a little rough at the start but by the end of the day she was asking to go down the mountain "Just one more time!"

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the little boys were playing trains ...

Day 3 - Bowling!

Audrey & Grandma

Grandpa hangin' with the babies, Brooke & Chloe

Audrey & her best cousin, Carolyn. They had SO much fun together!

Grandpa with Chloe

Chloe trying out the big highchair ... more interested in eating the tray than her food ...

We had cupcakes and sang happy birthday to Carter. His birthday isn't for another month, but it was fun to celebrate with cousins.

Day 4 - enjoy the snow, attempt some family pictures, and get ready to go home ...

Always plenty of snow to be found in Buffalo!

Lunch at the kid table. :)

Grandpa & Grandma with all the grandkids

The whole Smith/Bubar/Shteierman gang!

Again ... many great memories!

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

Nice photos, Chantel would have gone to Chuck E. Cheese's if my friends from Maine had come down. They like places like that, not into huge crowds myself. Glad it looks like everyone had fun. Thanks for sharing. It will be interesting taking Chantel to Build-A-Bear, her sitter, gave her a gift card to go. So, I'm sure she will enjoy the experience. :-) ♥