Sunday, November 15, 2009

4 months ago ...

... this sweet little face entered our world.

And now look at her!

You forget how quickly they change in such a short time...

So ... what's going on at this age (just fyi - this post is mostly for me so that I can remember what Chloe did month by month, since I am not doing a great job of writing it down. Guess we have that whole "neglected 3rd child" thing going on!)

In the past month, Chloe has gained a tooth .... yes, already! ... and the other bottom tooth is on its way. Kinda explains the sleep issues we've been having over the past week or so. It seems like we have a good night, a bad night, a good night, a bad night, et al. I will be really glad when those teeth are in, but of course we have many more to "look forward to", I suppose. Audrey got her 6 year molars in the past 6 months with barely a mention, so at least it gets easier!

AND, in the past month, Chloe lost half her hair!! She kinda has a mohawk goin' on (that is, if I combed it straight up). Boo hoo. I loved all that dark hair she was born with. Hope it comes back sometime soon.

Other than that, she is continuing to sit more steadily in her bumbo seat (although not for too long without getting tired), reaches for and plays with her toys on the activity mat, and pushes her head up well while on her belly. Plus, she has legs like a sumo wrestler!

Despite all our nighttime "visits" - Chloe continues to be a very smiley and happy little girl. While I hope the sleeplessness goes away soon, I sure hope she continues having such a pleasant little personality!

Love ya, baby girl!

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