Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the mend

So ... I'd like to post something much more positive than my previous post.

Today I felt so blessed. So many little blessings, that I want to "count" them to remind myself and others that God is good. All the time.

Today I realized that I REALLY needed to go to the DMV to get my picture taken for my new license. I had about 2 days left till I was totally expired (Can you say "avoidance"?) I was looking forward to that about as much as a stomach virus. Last time I went to the DMV I was there for at least an hour? Hard to remember as I block most DMV experiences from my memory. :) Anyhow, taking a 2 year old to the DMV sounded like SO much fun. Especially a slightly crabby, still recovering from an ear infection 2 year old! So I walked in, got a number and before I could sit down, my number came up. I went over, dealt with the pleasantest of DMV employees (I am being serious), and within 5 minutes, I was walking out the door. Carter didn't even have half of his raisin box finished (and this was the first snack ... I came prepared with an arsenal of snacks should I need the distraction)! I almost fell over with shock. I was so excited. So I thanked God and moved on to the next blessing....

My next "stop" was BJ's. But on my way to BJ's, I realized that I was REALLY hungry. Being pregnant, when I'm hungry, I really need to eat! And I had no cash on me. And I'm too cheap to stop at any old bank and pay $2.50 to take $20 out of the ATM. So as I drove down 30, I looked for our regular bank... and right there was a PNC Bank! I didn't know where one might be nearby, and it could've jumped out and bit me. So I got my cash, drove to BJ's and stopped at the only fast food place nearby - Chick-fil-A. Not really my favorite "breakfast" place, but I drove in and guess what? Today is "free breakfast Wednesday"! So I got a free breakfast, and all I bought was a chocolate milk for Carter (ok, he did share with me....)

I know these are all small things, but sometimes small things make all the difference! It started my day out on such a great note. Just what I needed after a few long and discouraging days!

The kids are not 100% but they are definitely on the mend. Audrey went back to school today, and Carter has been sleeping through the night just fine without his paci. I am still battling this cold, but I don't feel miserable, it's just a cold. So ... again ... thank you friends and family who have said prayers for us, or offered us help. I feel so very grateful! And you all are right-- "This too shall pass!"


The Raudenbush Family said...

funny how things like a free breakfast can totally cheer you. :) I'm with you with that kind of thing.

Karen said...

That is indeed a good day.

Chris Ann Schultz said...

These are things we enjoy right now too, like Ralph's mom buying part of our meal the other day, after Chantel's church musical, money saving deals.