Monday, February 23, 2009

Audrey Grace, DDS

The other day Audrey decided that she was going to be a dentist. This was shortly after a presentation at school about proper brushing and flossing and various other dental hygiene reminders. SO, I was her first customer. She counted my teeth, "x-rayed" them, brushed them with my toothbrush, and flossed for me too (kinda).

Before she opened for business, she posted this on her door. Obviously she spelled everything herself, and I think she did a rather good job. (By the way, the translation is "Dentist Audrey, Dental") .
Wondering what that other thing is on the door? I'm glad you asked. It is a "no smoking" sign. Guess I'll have to throw out all my cigarettes now... :P


Chris Ann Schultz said...

Wow, that was cute! Chantel dressed up as a doctor 2 years ago, but dentist may be more of a possibility. She loves watching me get my teeth cleaned and getting fillings too. She asked a lot of procedural questions after the fillings; she wants to know it all.

nateandkatesmom said...

So cute! That quiet time in her room really sparks quite an imagination in her. It's great! And she'll do really well in Kindergarten with her kid-writing, since she's doing it already!