Monday, April 28, 2008

We're in trouble now ...

Carter is definitely walking like crazy, and it means I need to start being a little more vigilant... tonight I walked into the bathroom, and this is what I found:

He is definitely thrilled with his progress. He is wearing a path in the carpet to and from his room! Here is Franken-baby coming to see me ...

However, this is the view I most often see ... Carter running away!

It is so cute to see him toddling around.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poor baby

Update from yesterday - Carter spent most of today WALKING!! He sure was proud of himself. However, toward the end of the day, he took off down the sidewalk, pitched forward and ended up facedown.
He has this beauty to show for it:

The first of many I'm sure. But he was brave - he only cried for a minute or so, until he got distracted by an airplane flying by ...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carter's latest tricks

Well, today Carter walked down our driveway, and down the sidewalk past two more houses. He only fell once. I wouldn't call him an offical "walker" but he's getting there. He is letting go of my hand or the furniture more and more often to walk alone.

And he now has a few words. Of course, I'm trying not to be hurt that one of those words is not "mama" ... anyhow, they are [drumroll please] - "cat" and "ball." Daddy is happy about the latter, although everything round or circular is called "ball"!

Carter's current faves are : remotes, telephones, light switches (anything w/ buttons...), ceiling fans and light fixtures. Maybe we have a future electrical engineer on our hands!

Food Fun

We often call Carter "Little Piggy Boy" --- this is why ...

Can you say smaller bites???

Starting to use a spoon ... get out the tarp cause food's gonna fly!

Carter's favorite use for the spoon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hooray for Spring!

Spring has sprung here in PA which means ... OUTDOOR PLAY! All the Smiths are happier when we're outside.

Here is Audrey drawing a picture on her easel. Deep in thought and concentration!

And here is Carter. He is taking lots of steps ... but still not walking "full-time." Here he is seated by his most favorite lawn item - the dollar store pinwheel!
PS - His hair has a little Squiggy thing going on there but somehow he pulls it off. :)

Shortly after these photos were taken, the whole "gang" of neighborhood kids came over and dug holes in our garden looking for worms! The moms think it's gross, but the kids LOVE it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rest time

Every day Audrey has rest time. [Sigh] I love rest time. Not just because, obviously, it involves me getting a break. But every day, Audrey spends time learning to entertain herself and being so creative. Today she was in her room making a guitar for herself with a small box, a few rubber bands, and some stickers. Some days I go to her room and she's dressed up like a princess and dancing around her room. Some days, she's coloring pictures for her friends. There's always some imaginary scenario going on when I go to get her, which I think is GREAT.

Thought I'd share some of Audrey's latest creative endeavors:

This is Audrey's "butterfly family" - one is Daddy, one is Mommy, one is Audrey, and one is Carter! You never thought to use toilet paper rolls for something like this, did you now?

Audrey's "house" complete with a bed and "kitchen"... which also happens to be taking up half our living room ... aargh. Notice the high walls. These are to keep out the little bro.

Audrey & Carter makin' some music while they listen to Caedmon's Call!
(Carter appears to be contemplating what the drumstick would taste like, as usual ...)
At least they are sharing nicely!

"Rainbow Eyes"

Yesterday Audrey was making Carter laugh his head off. (What else is new?) In the middle of all the giggles, she said "Mommy, look! Carter has rainbow eyes!" I said "He has WHAT??" And Audrey replied "He has rainbow eyes - look at him when he laughs at me!" And what do you know? His eyes are kind of shaped like rainbows when he's really laughing. If you want proof, see the photos below ... I'm adding one here, but further down, there's one of him giggling with Audrey on the chair... eating cake ... and splashing in the bathtub. There they are ... rainbow eyes, looking right at ya!

I think we have a new nickname.