Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hooray for Spring!

Spring has sprung here in PA which means ... OUTDOOR PLAY! All the Smiths are happier when we're outside.

Here is Audrey drawing a picture on her easel. Deep in thought and concentration!

And here is Carter. He is taking lots of steps ... but still not walking "full-time." Here he is seated by his most favorite lawn item - the dollar store pinwheel!
PS - His hair has a little Squiggy thing going on there but somehow he pulls it off. :)

Shortly after these photos were taken, the whole "gang" of neighborhood kids came over and dug holes in our garden looking for worms! The moms think it's gross, but the kids LOVE it!


ErinOrtlund said...

Oh I know--being able to get outside makes such a difference! Will is at the same stage--taking steps but not walking. Kate walked around 15 months so I imagine it will happen sometime.

Chris Ann Schultz said...

Chantel didn't walk until around 15 months either. She was born 3 weeks and 1 day early. She walked on her knees, scooted on her back and crawled backwards and forwards, everything before she started to walk. Not a surprise since she was learning to walk and talk simultaneously. It was her big head she had trouble holding up. :)
Also, I enjoyed the pictures. Chantel brings her guitar and keyboard outside. She loves being out back with the dog. About an hour each day.
Also, she's back to making campfires with the neighbor boy. He takes out wood and she and he sit by the fire made of sticks and enjoy being together and talking. He will be in Kindergarten at her school this year as well. He is 3 months older than her. They talk at the property line, each on their own side. No major babysitting. Yes!