Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rest time

Every day Audrey has rest time. [Sigh] I love rest time. Not just because, obviously, it involves me getting a break. But every day, Audrey spends time learning to entertain herself and being so creative. Today she was in her room making a guitar for herself with a small box, a few rubber bands, and some stickers. Some days I go to her room and she's dressed up like a princess and dancing around her room. Some days, she's coloring pictures for her friends. There's always some imaginary scenario going on when I go to get her, which I think is GREAT.

Thought I'd share some of Audrey's latest creative endeavors:

This is Audrey's "butterfly family" - one is Daddy, one is Mommy, one is Audrey, and one is Carter! You never thought to use toilet paper rolls for something like this, did you now?

Audrey's "house" complete with a bed and "kitchen"... which also happens to be taking up half our living room ... aargh. Notice the high walls. These are to keep out the little bro.

Audrey & Carter makin' some music while they listen to Caedmon's Call!
(Carter appears to be contemplating what the drumstick would taste like, as usual ...)
At least they are sharing nicely!

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Chris Ann Schultz said...

The pictures are cute. Glad that you get some down time. At our house, that's after 7 p.m. when Chantel's in bed, or breaks I have away from kids at school.
If we want a break on weekends we go for a 1.1 mile walk to the park. Chantel loves to play and then walk home. It motivates her to get out of the house.
Talk more later,
Chris Schultz