Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Christmas fun ...

It's been another busy week. But I love the busyness of this time of year, so I'm not complaining! Anyhow, I'm just adding a few photos of what's gone on in the Smith house this week.

Once again, Audrey had a bright idea ... and roped the rest of us into participating. She decided to make her own nativity scene in her room. Audrey was an angel (wearing a Cinderella dress and her flower girl headpiece) and Carter was Joseph (wearing Audrey's sweater coat as a robe ... Sorry, Carter). I was Mary and Chad was a wise man (she had outfits for us too but we managed to avoid getting into the picture!) You can see the baby "Jesus" there, a yellow star above Audrey's head, and the piggy bank sitting in the cradle is one of the wise men's gifts. :) I thought it was pretty cute. I'm glad the true meaning of Christmas has been communicated, not just Santa and presents!

This week Chad's Dad was here on business so we got to spend some time with him! It is his birthday next week (we won't say which one) and we had the chance to celebrate with cupcakes and a gift.

On Saturday we made a gingerbread house ... Audrey absolutely loves this tradition. This house was so easy because the kit came with PREMADE icing - I didn't realize that when I bought it but I was glad for that little detail. [Kelly, next time you have to buy this brand of gingerbread kit!]

Last night was Chad's company Christmas party, so for once I got to dress up and paint my nails!
We had a great time, and the food was awesome - filet mignon! Molten chocolate cake! Yum!

Hope everyone is finding time to enjoy this Christmas season. I absolutely love sharing it with the kids ... it's all so magical and fun! If I can just keep my energy up ... :)


Chris Ann Schultz said...

Yes, we just came home from Ralph's work Christmas party! We went to a play and then dinner in Bethlehem, PA (The Historic Inn). It was so beautiful!

We went caroling as we do annually with our Sunday School Class, last weekend. And Chantel's b-day seemed to last from T-Day through last weekend. Turning 6 was lots of fun. Still have a thank you note or two to write!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful updates. Chantel loves the gifts, but tells me, Christmas isn't just about the presents, it's Jesus. She knows what's real and not, not Santa, per Chantel. It told my parents he wasn't real at the same age (5). She's 6 now though, so just about the same time! Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoyed Chantel's photo card!

ErinOrtlund said...

What's molten chocolate cake? Nice pic of the two of you! Reminds me of when we all used to dress up and go to Maine Township fundraisers--good times. :)

Love the nativity scene! Audrey is so creative! I think we had that same gingerbread kit last year--Kate is excited to do it again!

nateandkatesmom said...

Audrey has a great imagination! And she was very creative with her nativity. Glad to see she knows what Christmas is all about!