Monday, January 7, 2008

Singin' the Blues

Yes, I know, I have not blogged in quite some time. Allow me to explain.

I do have a real, non-cyber life. It mostly revolves around my husband and 2 little kids, and sometimes the needs of the household supersede the desire I have to blog. Last month, as everyone is well aware, it was Christmastime -- and I had cookies to bake, gingerbread houses to put together, presents to buy and wrap, parties to go to and bring goodies for, family to entertain, traveling to pack and prepare for, etc, etc. Of course every other mother on the planet was facing these same challenges.

Then we went away to visit family in NY. And both kids came back and promptly got ill. Audrey especially has not eaten much of anything for a week and has been running a fever pretty much continually unless there's advil in her system. Oh, and coughing up a lung. Today we made our second trip to the doctor, and it looks like she has a mild case of pneumonia. Yuck. It's supposed to be in the 60's for the next few days, and we may very well continue to be stuck inside. I am pretty much wiped. Every morning around 5 am, when the meds wear off, Audrey is up crying that she is hot (and she is in fact burning up with a fever). SO, I've been spending an hour or two helping her relax and sleep again. Of course, no one sent the "today is a good day to sleep in" memo to Carter however. About the time Audrey is asleep, Carter is waking up. Thankfully, this weekend Chad got up with Carter for a few days so I could catch up on a little sleep. Yesterday was our anniversary, and those plans are postponed till next weekend. And I haven't seen anyone besides the doctor and pharmacist in ages. It's all a little depressing. So please excuse my very long complaining session here.

I will say there is something to learn in all this. And that is - learning to put someone else and their needs before my own. Learning to "deny yourself" as Christ talks about in the gospels. So, I have been denying myself the opportunity and luxury of blogging for now. Other more important people and responsibilities prevail!

PS - I would appreciate prayers for the kids, and for me. It's so hard to watch them be sick.

Also, I will post some Christmas pics later. For now, I somehow managed to get both kids to nap simultaneously (not an easy task!!) so I have things to do while I have a little peace :)

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