Monday, December 3, 2007


Today I did something brand new.


Today . . . I sent my first text message.

Chad and I finally got our own cell phones. We used to have just one that we used for emergencies but we found that it was too expensive; on top of it, when the antenna broke and I took it to Verizon, they didn't even know what kind of phone it was (and needless to say, did not have replacement parts!) I think they thought I dropped in from another planet, at least that's the way the guy looked at me and my phone.

So anyway, as Chad and I are spending more and more time running around with the kids and with Chad sometimes traveling for work, we decided to get some phones. Okay, I admit, they are just the "pay-as-you-go" tracfones. But suddenly I have become part of the information age.

I used to wonder why my parents were so behind the times, especially when it came to technology. I think we were the last kids in the neighborhood to have a microwave, a VCR, Atari, etc (am I dating myself here or what?) And later on, I was impatient when they didn't have email or a home computer. (The addition of a long-distance grandchild kind of put that into fast forward, however.)

NOW I realize why it took them so long. They were busy living life, keeping a roof over our heads, making sure we kids kept out of trouble, helping other people out, doing the million things that parents do every day . . . Now that I am a parent I realize these things. Some days, I barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone sit down and figure out something new - who has time to text message??

So today I was checking out at Target, and looked at my phone (since Chad is out of town), and there it said "you have a message". Once I got to the car, I figured out how to look it up, and the silly phone actually said "Reply?" I tentatively pushed "reply" and next thing you know, I was "texting" Chad.

I am so proud of myself. Am I a cool, hip mom or what? :)


ErinOrtlund said...

You had an Atari? You are so old. ;)

I can totally relate to your post. I used to wonder why my Grandma was so averse to getting an answering machine. When she first encountered ours--she left a message saying, "What did you get this dumb thing for?" Click. :)

I feel pretty with it when it comes to the internet. But no, I don't have a cell phone--I should get one for emergencies though. I don't understand Ipods, Iphones, texting, or many other things. It does remind me of Postman, "To what problem is this a solution?" If I can be convinced these things would be of benefit, I'm willing to learn!

Mama Amy said...

I know - I don't get ipods or blackberrys or whatever other cool stuff there is. I was talking to one of our babysitters the other day and she was talking about looking up her future college roommate on her myspace page. I was telling her that when I went away to college, I wrote my future roommate a letter and sent it in the mail. She looked at me like I was so old!! :) Anyhow, I enjoy some technologies but just don't have the time or energy to figure them all out!

Mom said...

I'm glad that you finally realize that all that technology wasn't as important to us as putting food in your bellys, clothes on your backs, and your education! Sometimes you just can't afford everything you might want as you are surely discovering.