Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chloe at 3 1/2

I thought I would do a blog post about Chloe. 
I said to my mom the other day, "I wish I could just freeze her right now."  We are just in such a fun stage!  Chloe is delightful and funny and sweet and loving and helpful and obedient and such fun to be around.  
Tierra thinks she has a "sparkle"?  She's got nothin' on this girl.  (Sorry, Bachelor reference!)
This girl could spend hours a day coloring.  And she has some mad coloring skills for a 3 year old!  She walks around with what I call "artist hands"....markers are her medium of choice so her hands are constantly covered in markers.  Even if I just wiped them 10 minutes ago. 
Last weekend, Chloe, Audrey & I went to the middle school performance of The Little Mermaid. I was a little concerned about how she would sit still for a whole musical but she sat entranced the whole time! 
Chloe loves to play with her dolls Marley, Cassidy & Avery.  She got a double stroller for her dolls for Christmas, so often a few of her "kids" will come with us as we walk to the bus stop to pick up Audrey & Carter. 
Chloe gets brought along to many play dates and coffee meet-ups and apparently she has been listening in as the moms talk.  Lately when I'm talking with friends, Chloe will chime in, roll her eyes and say "Marley & Cassidy always poop in their diapers!" or she'll come up to me while I'm in the kitchen and report (hands on hips) "Mom, Marley & Cassidy are in time out because they weren't listening!"  Sure enough, I'll go peek in her room and they will be sitting on the bed. :)  She also tenderly wraps them up and reads them stories.  Such a good mommy.  :)

Last week  I made my first trip to urgent care.  And it was with Chloe.  (Honestly, I am amazed that we've made it this far without a trip to urgent care or the ER.)  I was afraid she might need stitches but we got off easy with a butterfly bandage.  Chloe appears to be so prim and docile to people who don't know her but at home she is wild child....climbing chairs, jumping off beds and sofas, tackling her 50+ lb. brother, trying to wrestle Daddy....

Chloe loves school and is now a proud member of the "zipper upper club" - which means she can zip up her coat all by herself!  She has made many friends in her class but she has one friend that is her favorite buddy.  When I come to pick her up, I often see them sitting and giggling in the hall together.
A few months ago we went to Chloe's school conference.  Her teacher told me that she asked Chloe (mostly out of curiosity) to point in a book to something that started with the letter A, B, C, etc.  She said she was surprised because Chloe could do it with every letter she asked her about, and many kids her age are just learning to identify letters.  Now it has kind of become a game we play where I ask her "what is something that starts with N?"  And she will go "nn, nnn.....nose!"  She is a little sponge.  It probably doesn't hurt that her big brother has always been obsessed with letters. :)

Well, I'm sure I'm leaving something out but it's getting late and I'm losing steam!  
Chloe girl, we sure love you and are glad you're a part of our family!  Keep being the sweet and spunky girl you are!

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