Sunday, February 13, 2011

Belated Birthday Post ...

Oh my poor Carter.

Every year it seems that his birthday comes ... and he gets sick.  Tis the season!  So this year was no different - he (and every other member of our immediate family) was sick this year too.  So this weekend we FINALLY got to celebrate his birthday with him.  I have said this before but just for the record - Carter has been sick on 3 out of his 4 birthdays!  I sure hope this is a streak that is broken from now on!

  Birthday #1 - Smiling despite the ear infection ....

Birthday #2 - HEALTHY! 

Birthday #3 - Sick with a fever ... :(

Birthday #4 - well, a week after his birthday.  So glad to have my smiling, happy boy back!
Complete with a mouth covered in cupcake crumbs!
This weekend Carter had a small party with some friends at Chuck E. Cheese.
He loves it there (and he kicks some butt at skee-ball!!)

His party was mostly girls .... but he did have one little guy friend who came along!  I keep saying - he is going to be a great husband someday because he sure will have plenty of practice hanging with the ladies.
Carter is a funny boy.  He seems to appreciate gifts once he receives them, but we could give him absolutely nothing  and I don't think he would care one bit.  On the way home from Chuck E. Cheese I said "Carter, when we get home, how about we open your presents?"  And he replied, "I think I want to take a bath instead."  Audrey looked at him like he had 2 heads.  (She is already telling us what she wants for her next birthday - in SEPTEMBER!)  Gifts - while not HIS love language - are definitely her love language!!  

We also celebrated with family. 
Here he is opening SEVENTY matchbox cars from his Mom-mom & Pop-pop.  SEVENTY.  
But my parents also supplied a handy little carrier so he can put them away in there.
(I still have a feeling I will be finding little cars in every nook and cranny of this house.)
He does love his matchboxes!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy.  I can't believe you are FOUR already!

The rest of this post is for me.  I just want to remember what Carter is like right now.

Latest stats:
Height - 43 inches - 94th percentile
Weight - 44 lbs. - 90th percentile
(just a side note here - Chloe had her 18 mo. well check at the same time and her weight was in the 15th percentile.  Yes, I feed them the same things but one is a heavyweight and the other a lightweight I suppose!)

Carter still loves his letters and he is starting to read a little bit.  Meaning, he can't pick up a book and read it, but he has quite a few "sight words" - he actually read most of the card Audrey made for him for his birthday.  He's very interested in what letters say so he does a lot of asking me "Mommy, what does R-A-I-S-I-N spell?"

Now if I could get just get him to willingly dress himself and put on his own shoes ....

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Kaylee said...

Happy Birthday, Carter! He seems so much bigger than when we first met him. I remember, you guys were trying your darndest to keep Carter from breaking free from your death grip and plunging into the Hytha's pool. :)