Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter photos

Once again, more photos of my family. Sorry, these kids are just too cute!

For some reason, Carter always appears to be suppressing a giggle ... Probably because he spends a lot of time laughing!

Audrey's "loot" from our neighborhood easter egg hunt. Like we didn't already have enough candy in this house ...

Dyeing easter eggs

Easter morning. Aren't my two blue-eyed guys looking handsome?

Brown-eyed girls

For once! A family photo where everyone is looking!

We hope you all enjoyed your Easter as we celebrate our new life in Christ!


Chris Ann Schultz said...

Thanks for the cute photos. I finally posted all the ones of Chantel that I could, I still would like the show the ones where she makes bubbles in the snow.
Thanks for the updates. I enjoy seeing the photos. Chantel helped dye eggs, too. We survived Easter! I'll e-mail you more later.
Chris Schultz

Chris Ann Schultz said...

who is taking the picture?


Mama Amy said...

Chantel - We put the camera on self-timer - that's why it's even more amazing that everyone was looking (although the blinking light sure helps Carter keep looking ...)

ErinOrtlund said...

Your kids have the best expressions! I didn't know the "boys" and "girls" had the same eye color.

Is that your house? I love how it's decorated!