Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stinky Feet

From as early as I can remember, I have not liked feet. Don't want to look at them. Don't want them touching me. Don't want me touching them. Feet get too stinky in the wintertime while being crammed into socks and shoes nonstop... and too dirty in the summer with all their newfound exposure to the elements. Quite frankly, feet are often stinky, ragged, calloused, and bunioned, with toenails that are too long and scraggly. Now I know I sound phobic, and really I'm not, but I just cannot fathom doing the job of a pedicurist!

So I found it oddly amusing the other day to find myself with my daughter's feet in the sink, washing them by hand. For about the fifth time this week. Now, I usually find my daughter's 3 year old feet cute, but since summer is upon us, she has taken to running around either barefoot or in her favorite cheap-o Old Navy flip-flops. AND, she loves to play in the dirt, digging for "juicy, juicy worms". So they were pretty yucky, not to mention the crusted-in dirt under and around her toenails. And the grass stains covering the bottoms. And the potential for worm gunk to be on them! ICK!! However, because of my love for her, here I was, washing them, not even thinking about the yuckiness of it. And doing it gladly!

I got to thinking. About how Jesus washed the disciples feet. That story in scripture always kind of made me a little grossed out - the idea of cleaning a man's feet who had been walking in dirty sandals all day. But while washing my daughter's feet it occurred to me - this is not an act of painful duty for me, this is an act of love and service. Likewise, I don't think Jesus thought too much about what He was doing for them. He saw a need and stepped in to fill it. And that's what you do for someone you love. Wow.

Thank you Jesus, first of all, for being the ultimate example of true servanthood. I figure if Jesus can wash feet, so can I, literally and metaphorically. . . even with my disgust for all things podiatric (is that even a word?)! And most of all, thank you Jesus for washing my feet . . . and for washing me clean inside. I can't believe that you would want to serve someone like me, but I guess you really do love us that much.

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